We are here to help your Fergus Business grow with our innovative Digital Marketing campaigns.

In recent years, companies that have not started their digital transformation may lose customers and also find it difficult to recruit new prospects. Here are a few simple digital marketing strategies that every Fergus business can implement to grow their business .

1. Set a goal

Are you looking for ways to grow your business? Do you want to have more customers, increase brand awareness, be more easily recognized? Starting from the definition of a clear and solid objective is the first step to start setting up a targeted marketing strategy.
Surely digital marketing is the best growth strategy for SMEs, but the key thing is to have a specific goal to be achieved, to study the users of reference and to create an effective plan to reach that task.

2. Building a "marketing funnel"

With "marketing funnel" we define the system used to describe the process that takes place from the visit of a potential customer to the sale. It is the "journey" of the consumer, from the knowledge of a brand / product / service to the purchase. The funnel-shaped figure visually underscores the natural restriction from initial visitors to final buyers and, therefore, that only a part of those visitors will become actual customers reaching the goal, intended as an act of purchase. 

3. Develop a call-to-action call to action

To maximize the response of online users, it is necessary to include in the digital marketing plan the creation and optimization of a call-to-action. The call-to-action exhorts the user , directly and effectively, to perform a certain action such as, subscribe to a newsletter, download an e-book, view a webinar, buy a product / service or make a donation for a nonprofit association. An effective call-to-action is arranged in such a way as to attract the user's attention, involve him and make him perform a precise action and, in this way, he starts the conversion process.

4. Create an effective "lead magnet" lead magnet

The "lead magnet" is a free and appealing element, which attracts visitors to our site to carry out the conversion action we want, such as, for example, the purchase of a product or service. This is to offer users a free benefit in exchange for something (very specific) on their part that goes to increase the conversion rate. Offering something to visitors to our site will bring great benefits to our digital marketing strategy and will make sure to "transform" random visitors into customers, increasing our online business . So, you have to be able to drive users along the marketing funnel and get them to take the action we want.

5. Drive traffic 

How can we direct users to our site so that we can guide them all along the marketing funnel? Surely we must focus on quality content and always choose strategic keywords ; this will help our content and the space in which it is hosted to be immediately visualized in search engines and, therefore, will bring us greater volumes of traffic. Another essential strategy to increase the number of accesses is to make the most of social media and increase engagement, that is, to increasingly involve our followers and to reach new ones by building stable and lasting links with our actual customers. potential. The communication aimed at social engagement will be functional to the strengthening of the customer experience, the generation of leads and the consolidation of relationships with our users who will pass, easily, from social channels to the institutional platform and / or sales and vice versa