5 Reasons to Opt for Simple Website Design

Updated: Jun 10

Author Jacob Davis

The old adage “less is more” rings especially true when it comes to graphic designing. This applies whether you’re designing a website or online shop logo.

With web design trends ever evolving, businesses can pick between complex or simple layouts. Our advice is to opt for the latter. Why?

Your website is a direct representation of your business. Customers form perceptions about your business based on its web design. Does it re lay professionalism or a lack thereof? With 75% of customers judging your company’s credibility solely based on its website design, this isn’t an area to slack in. It’s safe to say that if the design is somewhat lacking, customers will simply leave your page, potentially resulting in lost business.

Let’s have a look at five key reasons why opting for a minimalistic website design will work in your favor.

1. Gain More Conversions

A website allows visitors to view your brand in its virtual space. Businesses use this nifty tool to communicate their principles and values. But more than anything else, the end goal is design a web page to increase conversions which can be in the form of completing a desired action such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

Now, some businesses prefer pulling out all the stops through the use of flashy layouts as they try to increase conversions. Sadly, this can have the opposite impact and drive visitors away from the site instead. The use of excessive images, bright colors or “contact us” buttons can overwhelm users.

Using these elements minimally but strategically allows users to navigate your page with ease, thereby completing intended tasks.

2. Simple Website Designs are Classic

Website design trends come and go. Certain designs can quickly become outdated. Including all the bells and whistles on your site based on current trends might make your site look eye-catching now but will it look as appealing five years from now?

You’ll need to make constant updates and changes to keep up with new trends including redesigning your company brand logo, images, and website layout. This directly translates to unnecessary additional costs for your business in a bid to ensure that your site stays relevant.

Save your business time, resources and money by opting for simple designs that will appeal to your customers for years to come.

3. Avoid Distracting Users

When customers visit a website, chances are that they know exactly what they’re looking for. Either they want to acquire more information regarding your products and services or learn more about your brand. As a company, it’s your responsibility to make the process easy for them. A clean and simple website design allows users to do exactly that.

While content must be engaging and intriguing, it certainly mustn’t be distracting.

Keep GIFs, hyperlinks and other features to a minimum. Customers rarely visit websites to compare which site has the best graphics.

You want to stop your customers from over thinking while on your page because they can quickly get frustrated. They want to obtain real value and above all enjoy seamless user experience. Simple and concise website designs can do that for your customers.

4. Simple Websites Are Universally Acceptable

Granted, you want to stand out from your competitors by creating a compelling website. But be careful not to push customers away in the process. Have you ever noticed that most of your competitors’ websites have a somewhat similar outline? The reason for this is that certain layouts maximize conversions.

Established companies have researched and seen what works and needless to say, customers do expect certain layouts that aren’t only familiar but also allow them to complete intended tasks in quick and easy ways. The moment your site drifts from the norm through the use of unorthodox layouts that are confusing, you risk alienating potential customers.

When users find that certain tabs aren’t where they expect them to be, they’ll simply leave and move to sites that they’re more accustomed to. So, why try and fix something that’s not broken?

5. Simple Websites Load Quicker

A hassle-free user experience is imperative for any visitor on your site. Users expect sites they visit to load within seconds. Anything longer simply frustrates customers and they end up abandoning the site.

Simple websites load much faster than their complex counterparts. You want a website that loads quickly regardless of the device the user is accessing your site from. Besides, the faster your website loads, the higher its SEO rankings will be.

What slows down the speed at which websites load? Too many images, videos and GIFs significantly reduce your site’s load speed. So, rather keep to the minimum and you may see better results.

Simplifying your web design is the way to go. It comes with numerous benefits from attracting more customers to increasing conversions and improving overall user experience.

Will you be opting for a simple or complex website design? You decide.

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