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Celebrating Christmas in Huron County

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Christmas comes but once a year and is doubt one of the most significant of celebration in the year. It marks the birth of Jesus and is celebrated throughout the world, over many, many years. It’s a time of the year in Huron County when adults become children and join their own children and friends in a festive atmosphere of beautifully decorated Christmas trees, a spread of Christmas pudding, Christmas Bread, Christmas Cake and of course the Christmas stockings, where children hope that Santa Claus will bring them what their hearts desire.

The Huron County Play House in Grand Bend literally comes alive with many events planned so meticulously. The main events are the beautifully arranged Christmas songs and carols by perennial hit favorites like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Jim Reeves and Dean Martin which are rendered in true Christmas spirit by many talented singers.

Plays and concerts are a part of the festive celebrations at Grand Bend in Huron County.

The Huron County Christmas Carol is a Dickens Classic and portrayed by music and a cast that entertain the crowds even before Christmas.

The spirit of Christ reigns supreme when associations get together to visit homes for the elders, where the young join inmates of these homes in preparing festive delicacies and enjoying turning out crafts and arts of special festive decorations. It sure puts a smile on the face of these inmates, some of whom are forgotten by their own kith and kin.

There was a time when Huron County saw a dearth in Christmas Trees but it is not so now. Christmas trees are beautifully decorated with baubles, streamers and the traditional angel that is placed upon the top of the tree by the father of the house. There are many traditions of Christmas in Huron County, which citizens even today follow.

Just like any country and county in the world Christmas in Huron County sees many shops and businesses decorated with beautiful streamers and baubles and showcasing their goods. The toy shops are a children’s haven and one could see little children darting in and out of shops hanging on to their mothers’ hands, some pleading.

The weather turns pretty chilly during December, but this does not deter the Huron Country citizens from celebrating their much loved festival, the birth of Jesus Christ in a manger. The 24 th of December sees many people trekking to church to celebrate the birth of Christ, and Christmas carols and hymns are heard drifting from the churches creating such

a beautiful tranquil and serene atmosphere around.

Friends and relations visit each other on Christmas Day to mark this historical event in the Christian Calendar. Each year Huron County makes it a point to make that year different from the rest as only residents of Huron County can. The unity and familiarity that envelopes the entire county is a beautiful phenomenon that makes you wonder why it cannot be so the world around. Peace and harmony prevailed in abundance during the Christmas Season and apart from it as well.

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