How to pick your domain name for your website

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Every company that wants to be successful on the Internet ideally needs the right domain. In addition to advertising, communication, and marketing, the domain strategy with the selection of relevant domains is a central success factor in online marketing.

The perfect domain name

Are you looking for a domain name that makes your company and your image recognizable at first glance? We help you to find the right name and thus the way to the success of your website.

You should note this when choosing your domain name: Keep the domain name as short as possible.

Use the name of your company or your core business. In any case, register your company name and your core business so that the user is sure to land on your website, even if it should have a different name. Select domain names with product names . Especially when it comes to product brands. This also increases the hit rate. If your domain name consists of different words, it is best to register all possible spellings right away , for example with a hyphen and without.

The right domain strategy can be a success engine for naturally generated traffic, a high level of brand awareness and security against misuse (defensive registration: protection against external use of one's name).

Select the Correct Extension

The big top-level .com is still the king of domain extensions, for both SEOs and memory. There are many more domain extensions than there were, and if you use them strategically, you shouldn't have a problem. So while the .com takes the crown, for now, trends are changing in the world of extensions. And that's a good thing for a new website. Since the new domain suffixes - .xyz, .tech, .nyc, etc. - they are much cheaper than traditional top-level domains.

A well-crafted domain name helps in positioning the site in search engines, differs from the others, becomes a reference for users who frequent your site and is the first step towards building a successful brand on the Internet. Some practices for registering a relevant domain name.

To summarize Regardless of which domain name you choose for the site of your online store, you need to remember that the success of a business does not depend on the name but the quality of the web design the products and customer service. But if successful, a beautiful option will be one of the bonuses, bringing you and your customers' moral pleasure.

Pay enough attention to the question of his choice, no matter what scale of business you are planning in the field of electronic commerce. You can select several days for this, pausing and comparing options. It’s worth it to spend your time on it.

We hope that the tips and tools listed in this article will help you find a really good domain name for your online store site. This is one of the first steps to creating a business on the Internet, and for many among future customers, it will be the domain name that will be associated with your brand. We are here to help at Canada Web Solutions in any way we can with the purchasing, setting up and securing your domain(s).