Mobile Security Tips Everyone Should Know

In the digital world, where internet is easily accessible for one and all and not just the younger generation but the older generation is also quite familiar with it. In today’s world the use of smart phones has increased rapidly. As they become cheaper and advanced, they are becoming more common among young generations. Almost all kind of data such as business information, social media accounts, email, sensitive information, and all kinds of personal information are stored in your mobile phones. Though mobile phones are very useful these days because one can access every small to big thing on their fingertips but it opens to mobile security threats as well.

mobile security

Smart phones security is very important for young generations. So here we are with some safety measures to follow for mobile security.

1. Text messages: Text messages are an easy way to target the victim. Fraud companies send you text messages randomly and ask you click on the link. Once you do that virus enters your mobile phone and all your data can be easily captured.

2. Set a strong password: You must create a strong password to your smart phones, because if someone tries to enter the password by random guesses then after two or three attempts your phone will be locked and ultimately all your data will be deleted.

3. Fake apps steal data: You must ensure that your apps are from reputable sources. Popular sites have their own mobile application which is totally safe and secure. If you download any kind of app, check that they are the official apps from the company and not fake. Makers of fake apps copy to such extent such that the not so educated people cannot differentiate between the original and duplicate.

4. Unknown numbers and missed calls: If you receive any kind of calls from an unknown number or receive a missed call, never call them back because they might be a fraud company asking for confidential credentials like your ATM pin.

5. Over sharing your personal information on social media: Over sharing your personal information have a lot of flaws which very few people are aware of. Stalkers can easily capture your data by sending you unofficial links.

6. Connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots: Normally everybody loves free Wi-Fi because the main perk is that it’s free and you can pass your time and get some work done. Public Wi-Fi networks are poorly secured leaving to vulnerable mobile security threats.

7. VPNs service: One can avoid many mobile security threats by subscribing to a reliable VPN abbreviated as virtual private network. It hides your actual IP address so that hackers cannot steal your personal information. You remain safe even if you use public network.

The bottom Line

There is a need to support and secure the population who are using smart phones. It is no doubt a challenging task but one should take an initiative to do so. There are so many factors and security tips mentioned above by which you can secure your mobile phone.