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New clients from social media?

The entire world has gone digital and high-tech. This no doubt is the present situation and it will start adding on and improving as time goes on. How you go about getting clients via Social Media is something that needs a composition of a good website and knowledge of SEO. Many think that to start using social media is the first step, but this is a wrong concept. To start using social media you should be equipped with the right tools to attract your customers. Remember that this is not a face to face interview with customers or interaction it is an interaction through a digital avenue. Your customers cannot see you neither can you see them and this is precisely why you should be knowledgeable on how you can attract clients via Social Media.

Social Media is indeed a good platform for attracting clients, but you need to be able to have the knowledge and do so.

Initially the most lucrative way to build up an audience on social media is to spotlight on those who already are aware of your potential. You could do it by sharing your content with such people and interacting with them on it. By asking for feedback you could have explicit exposure to your products.

However, when you are trying to attract new clients it is different. There is a lot more work on it than what is stated above. Here are a few important things to follow:

1. Identification of Target Audience

You should be aware of who your target audience is. Audience preferences can vary from client to client. They may not all have the same preferences and this is why identification of target audience means. You need to map out your target audience and then create a plan of approach via social media.

2. Hash Tags

Have you ever noticed how much hash tags can do? If you are on Instagram and promoting your business, using relevant hash tags will give you a heavy client boost. For example, if you are a traveler and projecting your travels for purposes of business on Instagram, then using hash tags such as traveler, Hawaii etc will project your content better and attract more clients.

3. Be an active part of Facebook

Facebook has now taken the entire world by storm, both young and old have profiles on Facebook and more businesses are taking to having their own pages on Facebook. Join Facebook Groups where no doubt you will find your ideal client. For example if you are a Chef, you might want to tag on to profiles that are concerned with restaurants, master chefs and other cookery schools. When you are in a group chat you will see how other members of the Group become so helpful when questions are asked and they are every ready to give advice and information when asked.

4. Blog Content

Your blog content should be ideally created with the relevant target audience in mind and also note that your blog articles should relate to your business and you may thrown in a few “non-business” articles. Make it interesting that your clients will want to read. Make sure to keep an active blog going. At least post 3 articles per week and remember to use to has tags.

5. Interact with Clients

Once you have created your target audience base, continue to interact with your clients, by being prompt in answering queries and maybe even going a step ahead in assisting them with their requirements.

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