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Digital Marketing has been around since 1971. Digital marketing innovation is inseparable from the development of technology. One of the key points at the beginning was in 1971, when Ray Tomlinson sent the very first email and his software set the platform for people to send and receive files via various machines.


To engage consumers, retailers should switch from a linear one-way communication marketing approach to a value-sharing model of shared dialog and benefit-sharing between provider and user. Exchanges are more non-linear, open, one-to-many or one-on-one. Information and consciousness can be distributed across abundant channels, including the blogosphere, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


In order to derive a benefit from their marketing efforts, marketers can employ digital marketing in many ways.  In this digital era, employing digital marketing not only assists brands in marketing their products and services, but it also brings about online customer support round the clock to make customers feel comfortable and respected.


In Stayer Digital Marketing is a concept that will be used to encourage companies to project their product and services online in an attractive manner thus attracting customers to use their services.  It is now normal for consumers to share online feedback about their interaction with a product or brand through social media outlets, blogs and websites. Using and promoting these interactions across their social media channels has become increasingly popular for companies to have direct contact with customers and handle the input they receive properly.


Another area that digital marketing thrives on is brand awareness. Brands are seeing as a major enduring asset of a company. Thus brands are actually assets that need to be carefully developed and managed on the digital marketing portal. However, brands need to be careful not to be excessive about using this type of marketing, as well as relying solely on it, as it may have implications that might harness their image negatively.


Digital marketing has seen an infusion of latest developments and strategies such as segmentation and influencer marketing.  The former, segmentation, has more focus on within the anal of digital marketing in a bid to target more markets such as B2B or B2C. Throughout similar cultures, known as influencers, essential nodes are established. Through online advertising, this becomes an important concept. Influencers can be targeted via paid advertising, such as promotions for Facebook Advertisements and Google Adwords.


In the overall interaction between the customer and the company, the whole concept of digital marketing can be a very important aspect. This is because digital marketing can at one time reach a large number of potential customers. The advantage of digital marketing is that customers are specifically linked to the company and the service. To order to clarify the advertising, it is easy to access and can be viewed anywhere at any time. However, there are some drawbacks to this type of strategy for digital marketing. While digital marketing continues to grow and expand, brands benefit greatly from the use of technology and the Internet as an effective means of communicating with their customers and allowing them to broaden the reach of who they can communicate with and how they can do so.

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